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On The Basis Of The Upgraded Version, Add A Mosfet. And Install Shs Metal Gear And Ndfeb Motor

1 Add The Function Of Feeding In Advance

2add Binary Trigger Mode

3 Better Battery Protection

3 Increase The Function Of Three Bursts And Five Bursts

4 Make The Output Of The Gel Ball More Stable


Mode Control

A. Single Shot Mode

B. Dual Stroke Mode

C. Triple Burst Mode

D. Piston Back Chamber Amplitude Control (Eight Gears)

The Switching Method Of Abc Three Modes:

In The Single Engine Mode Of The Fast And Slow Engines, Quickly Switch To The Continuous Mode, And Then Switch To The Single Engine Mode, And The Transmission Mode Will Be Changed. After Each Switch, A Corresponding Prompt Sound Will Appear. (Single Engine Means One Motor Beep, Double Stroke Means Two Beeps, And Three Consecutive Engine Means Three Beeps)

Adjustment Method For D: (It Needs To Be Adjusted In The Three Emission Modes Of Abc)

There Are A Total Of Eight Gears In The Piston Travel. After Pressing And Holding The Trigger For 2 Seconds And Hearing The Corresponding Motor Sound, It Defaults To Adding One Gear (One Beep For One Gear, Two Beeps For Two Gears, And So On). If You Increase It Again At Level Eight, You Will Return To Level One. The Adjustment Of The Ladder Travel Only Needs To Be Done When The Return Plate Cannot Fully Return.


-Recommended for ages 14 and above

-Charge the battery for at least 4 hours

-Soak your gel balls for 4 hours or more for maximum hydration

-Don’t fire at people or animals

-Please wear safety protective google when using

-After shooting, remove the battery to save power and leak the battery.

-Please do not modify it as we do not cover configuration of the default set.

** Colors may look differently on individual monitor due to the color setting and lighting etc.**


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